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Three words to describe me:

Motivated | Adaptable | Determined

My Wesleyan Experience

Throughout my time at Wesleyan, I have gained some life-long skils and experience in what is the real working environment. It has given me some invaluable experiences that will stay with me throughout my time at Wesleyan and also throughout the rest of my career.

It has been an eye-opening experience. I have faced many challenges during my time, one including the complete move of jobs and departments. This has given me the chance to widen my knowledge and develop my skills in different ways.

Since being at Wesleyan it has given me the chance to meet not just colleagues but people I would consider real friends. Being a part of the Apprenticeship scheme has given me the best start to my future career, in helping me grow both as an individual and also help outline what I would do in the future as this wasn't clear before I joined Wesleyan. 


Three words to describe me:

Competitive | Sociable | Positive

My Wesleyan Experience 

As a Wesleyan apprentice I have learned a lot of skills and lessons I can take forward into the next part of my working life. Before coming to Wesleyan I didn't really have much of an idea in what I wanted to do as a career. Now I know what I want to achieve and where I want to be.

I have met plenty of people along the way who have supported me and challenged me and helped me develop as a person. I have felt welcomed from day one and as part of a team which has helped me to create relationships with my colleagues around me.


Three words to desctribe me:

Considerate | Hardworking | Personable

My Wesleyan Experience

My time as a Wesleyan apprentice has bought about many unforgettable memories and has paved the way for a career with a reputable company and in a respected profession. The Apprenticeship has allowed me to forge close friendships with my fellow apprentices and others across the Society.

There have been challenges along the way, but these challenges have provided me with an opportunity to develop professionally and take on more responsibility during the course of the past 18 months.

These 18 months have flown by, and that is purely as a result of how enjoyable and rewarding the Apprenticeship scheme has been.


Three words to describe me:

Loyal | Realistic | Understanding

My Wesleyan Experience

Working for Wesleyan has enabled me to develop many skills that I would not have been able to develop if I had chosen the alternative route and gone straight to studying at university.

I have worked in many different roles and have gained real life experience which I believe I will find useful in my careere going forward whatever I decide to do. I'd like to say thank you to all the teams that welcomed me into their work, as I would not have been able to develop myself  as much as I have without the people I have worked with.

All in all I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that Wesleyan has provided.

Three words to describe me:

Willingness | Flexible | Determined

My Wesleyan Experience

The past 18 months at Wesleyan has been challenging but rewarding and the best experience I've ever had. Before joining Wesleyan I had not long finished studying business and business law and hadn't had a job before. When I joined Wesleyan I found it hard to settle into the working life which had a big effect on my performance but was given loads of help and support from my manager.

Wesleyan has taught me how to work with people from all around the business and has helped me to develop as a person and teach me valuable skills that I can use throughout life. The Apprentice scheme has also helped me gain knowledge about the financial services industry.


Three words to describe me:

Positive | Motivated | Happy

My Wesleyan Experience

I have really enjoyed the last 18 months as an Apprentice in IT at Wesleyan. The scheme has given me an amazing opportunity to learn and develop new skilss as well as giving me invaluable experiences that I can take with me throughout the rest of my career.

Being part of the Apprenticeship scheme has definitely helped me shape what I want to achieve in the future and I would recommend it to other young people who aren't looking to study at university. Not only has this Apprenticeship supported and developed me professionally, it's also given me confidence and maturity which I can use in everyday life.

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